My passion...

Writing has become a passion for me. Granted, it was late in blooming. But, now it's here, and I've devoted my newfound energy to writing exciting and compelling stories.

"And I Always Wil" is the first of my novels. It's a Romance-Thriller. Inspired by real events, it's about two people who fall deeply and passionately in love. But, not without its costs.

Someone is trying everything they can to end their affair. Is it the distraught husband? The witch of a mother-in-law? Their children. Her sister? The families are determined to stop them.

It's finally come down to kill, or be killed.



My next novel is over halfway finished, titled, "To The Sound of the Guns."  It's the true story of the beginning of the American Revolution and the lives and loves of the men and women who fought it. Deceit, betrayal, and treachery brought about the spark of battle. The spirit of the American rebels who fought it, put it out.

Next up is "The Last Journey." It tells the real story of  Jakub Rabinovich, a 5-year-old Jewish boy whose family escaped the slaughter of the Russian Revolution, only to face Hitler's armies. Nearly killed by the German Gestapo in Paris, he survived to become a passionate and loved doctor in  a small New England town.

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